Monday, March 1, 2010

The Hero's Journey - Road Map

No, this isn’t the uber-post. For those who want to keep track of where the Hero’s Journey will take us over the next dozen entries, I thought I’d post a quick road map both for my own reference and to stimulate thought until I do make my next big entry. Don’t worry, it’s coming!

For simplicity of storytelling, I’ll use Mr. Vogler’s outline as it hits the essential plot points and seems more adaptable to modern stories:


1 – The Ordinary World
2 – The Call to Adventure
3 – Refusal of the Call
4 – Meeting the Mentor
5 – Crossing the Threshold
6 – Tests, Allies and Enemies
7 – Approach
8 – The Ordeal
9 – The Reward
10 – The Road Back
11 – The Resurrection
12 – Return With the Elixir

Part One - The Ordinary World coming soon!

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