Friday, November 13, 2009

Prelude to a Blog

Why write a blog? If you’re going to write, my brain rationalizes, why not go to that little menu in the corner of that computer screen right in front of you and pull up that Word document hiding somewhere on your hard drive that contains that young adult modern fantasy trilogy you’ve been slaving over? You need to be writing there anyway, and you’ll be making good progress by forcing yourself through word after word instead of wasting time online.

My brain raises some good points. Sometimes, though, you need to go with your gut and tell your brain that you’ll get back to it later.

Why write a blog? Truthfully, it’s because I need a break from that Word document hiding on my hard drive sometimes, but I still want to write. Better to switch gears, my gut says, than to force yourself to write something when you’re just not feeling it at the moment. It’d be a different case if I was writing something on a deadline, I’m sure, but since I’m not, it isn’t.

To assure my brain that this isn’t just a flimsy excuse for me to jump on the internet instead of doing the “real writing,” I’ll be using this space to chronicle the development of my aforementioned trilogy, from its humble beginnings all the way up to its eventual publishing date, and likely more beyond that. All the highs and lows will find their way in here, and I promise you’ll get plenty of both. In addition, a lot of very good ideas will be recorded here so I don’t forget them. Everything from quotable notes to notable quotes will end up on this blog, covering all manner of topics from story structure to character development and everything in between, as well as bits of inspiration that make the writer's life worth living.

In short, this will be a blog charting my progress as a writer.

Join me for the adventure, won’t you?

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