Saturday, May 15, 2010


"I like Joseph Campbell's advice to 'follow your own bliss.' Only you can figure out what that actually means in your life. Follow that sense of joy to the place it takes you that is all your own. That's when and where you find your voice. And once found, say what you have to say loudly and clearly. Speak from the heart concisely and persistently even when it seems like the world is ignoring you. If you really have something worth paying attention to, someone will eventually hear you. And when they do, they will have reason to listen to your unique voice. That's what worked for me anyway."
Larry Marder, Writer/artist, Beanworld

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  1. Facebook has ruined me. Now instead of words bubbling to the surface for a comment full of praise, I find myself just looking for the "like" button =p


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