Monday, January 30, 2012

I Launched A New Weekly Series!

Talk about the best of all possible worlds!

This past Saturday, I merged my love of writing, comic books AND gaming into one glorious project for Comic Booked. It's been a long time coming, to be honest. I knew right from the first month working with the Comic Booked staff that I wanted to carve out my own corner of the site with some original content, likely a series of articles that would let me geek out on my favorite topics, comics and gaming. I wasn't sure what sort of format I wanted to use for that, though. Do I do it all as editorial pontification? How would I mix the two topics without it being a horribly mismatched explosion of geekitude in text?

The answer came to me, of course, through my Tuesday night gaming group. We were all bringing different games to the table that we could each run: D&D, Cyberpunk, World of Darkness. I tossed DC Adventures into the arena, and declared my intention of putting the players' superheroic adventures onto Comic Booked as a weekly series. It would definitely be original content, and it'd explore previously uncharted geek territory on the site in terms of gaming. The players were all on board, so I started planning for our game.

Once we wrapped our in-progress games, we got to work on DC Adventures. It was a shaky start, to be sure, because it was a new roleplaying game for all of us. We were still learning the character creation system (even well into our second game session), and combat is still a work in progress in our fifth session. Still, we put the focus on the story and let the rules complement the adventure instead of getting in its way.

Meanwhile, I presented my idea to the staff. They loved it, and while we didn't have a solid category for it at the time, a tabletop gaming division was born from the discussion. Sure, it was an idea that was already simmering in the company's developmental pot, but I'd like to think that the energy and enthusiasm that rose up from the discussion of my idea helped to fast track its implementation.

The end result? Well, see for yourself! Read all about the roleplaying game I run for my group in Story Mode: Justice League Alternates, Part One at Comic Booked!

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