Friday, October 8, 2010

A Different Point of View

I hesitated posting this because I'm not the type to sing my own praises. I leave that for others to do for me, both because I'm much too modest and I enjoy having other people talk about me, preferably in a positive light. Then I realized that I wouldn't be tooting my own horn here, I'd just be giving my loyal followers a different perspective of me through someone else's eyes. Plus, I'd be promoting a friend's blog, which I'm always happy to do.

All that said, this is the blog of my very dear friend Karuna Tanahashi. She has been an amazing source of inspiration for me while I've been rewriting my trilogy, as well as a wonderful friend who allows me to experience L.A. through the eyes of someone who is still new to the city and hasn't become jaded by it. (She's also the editor behind my last two short stories on this blog, which is no doubt why they're so much better than the ones I've edited myself.) The link leads to a gleefully geeky night we shared together, and fans of Joss Whedon will no doubt get a kick out of our little adventure.


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