Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Everyday Divinities Project and My Trilogy

What's the scoop on the novels? When's the next EDP short story going to be posted? How are the two connected? Are they connected? Time for a real update.

The short stories are great fun and have helped me figure out some elements of backstory and "rules of the setting" that had been missing from my novel in its present form. Now that I have a better idea of what needs to be added and changed, I'm going to be dedicating more of my time to making sure Book One is ready for publication.

That being said, The Everyday Divinities Project is not going anywhere! Short stories will still be written, when I need to take a break from the novel to let other aspects of my creativity out to play. And while it's waaaaay too early to set anything in stone, I will allude to the concept of my novels existing under the umbrella of the EDP, in addition to any future ideas I might come up with that present the everyday divinities of the world in a new and fun way.

You'll get more updates on the progress of my novels on this blog, as well as the usual quotes, writing help and Hero's Journey posts. Stay tuned, exciting things are on the horizon!

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